HID Light Fixture Tester – Medium Base

med testermedium-solo-with-case

Medium Base (E26) up to 175W

HID Light Fixture Tester – Medium Base (E26) up to 175W

Simply screw in and turn on power!
Internal lamps indicates if the igniter,
the lamp or the ballast require replacement.

This unit can test  the ballast gear of HPS, MH, Pulse Start MH and mercury vapor lighting fixture and is 100% unconditionally  guaranteed for 3 years.

When replacing a HID lamp in a fixture, this tester will check the starting pulse voltage and the open circuit voltage of the ballast.

Neon glow tube pulses on-and-off to show adequate pulse voltage.

Second neon glow tube lights when open-circuit voltage is above 70 and below 250 volts.

The HID Light Fixture Tester – Medium Base is packaged in an elegant case and is a stocked item, usually shipped same day of order.

CALL TO ORDER:   888-271-0644 (toll free)

The facilities listed below are a few of the many satisfied users of our HID Light Fixture Tester. Our customer base  includes contractors, maintenance and end users.

US Government
US Army
West Point Academy
Us Navy
Cities and other municipalities
Gas and Electric companies
Department of Parks and Recreation
School districts and Colleges
Various Sport facilities
Correctional Facilities
Graybar Distributors
US Jet Airlines
Departments Of Criminal Justice
Tennessee Gas Pipe Line
Port Authority Transit Corp.
Defense Supply Center
Army Corps of Engineers
Metropolitan Transportation Commissions
DuPont NJ
General Motors
Sacramento Waste Water Treatment Plant
Pizza Hut Park
Air National Guard